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Excerpts from ‘Along the Way - I will help you’

His Arms

Illustration from ‘His Arms’

His arms will always hold you.
His promises are true.
His love will never leave you,
His mercies ever new.

His delight is always in you.
He knows you through and through.
His thoughts are ever on your life
for He lived and died… for you.


Throne Of Grace

The throne of grace, in heaven,
 Is where the Father and the Son
Now sit in glorious splendour,
 Because the work is done.

In creation’s wondrous beauty,
 In redemption’s perfect grace
Are seen the marvellous works of God
 That lead us into faith.

May we approach such majesty
 With Spirit life within
To offer our devotion,
 Our lifelong gift to Him.

To receive forgiving mercy
 And to see His glorious face,
We humbly kneel to praise Him
 Before the throne of grace.


Fragile Moments

This is just one of those fragile moments when my brain runs ahead of the situation.

They said that they would probably happen – these fragile moments

on my way to full recovery.

Illustration from ‘Fragile Moments’

It will pass in a little while

and my balance will be regained, my contentment restored.

These fragile moments serve to show my humanity since they are common to all people,

man, woman and child alike.

Fragile does not mean broken.

A crystal glass, though fragile, is complete. Nevertheless, care must be taken

to maintain its beauty, its wholeness.

A fragile crystal glass can be used for its designed purpose and bring delight to daily life.

Fragile does not mean broken.

This is just one of those fragile moments - on my way to full recovery.


Illustration from ‘Reflections’

Sometimes grief and longing are hard to bear; yet they are part of life.

Death is a part of life and living.

If we want life, and we do,

we must put up with death.

Let us endeavour to

live life to the full every day.

Grief, loss and death

are each part of life as we know it.

We need to maintain confidence in life.

Author’s Note

‘Along the Way’ is a collection of my thoughts, prayers, poems and stories as written in my quiet time notebooks across many years, in a variety of situations, over my life journey. I have included a few of the poems from my earlier publication ‘Silent Grief-Certain Hope’ together with the stories that led to their composition.

This collection covers the subjects of faith in God, his help and healing in times of grief and fear, and of discovering that recovery from devastating circumstances is possible.

Faith in God has been the basis of my way of life, which brings with it many helpful guidelines and boundaries as well as comfort and security along the way.

Each of us will walk a different pathway through life and even though we may have many experiences in common, each person’s life will be unique. Those things that cause pain and grief in my life may not occur in the lives of other people, and the reverse is also true! However, God’s comfort and healing can be profound… Continued in book

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