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Certain Hope

This year? Next year? Sometime? Never?
Do daisy petals make hope grow?
How on earth can hope be certain;
aren’t we simply hoping so?

Maybe! Perhaps! If only! Soon?
Mere words that help us cope
may work to keep us going -
but is it really hope?

“Gotta keep the chin up;
gotta forge ahead;
keep our faces smiling“
as despair swirls round like lead.

Do we need to delve more deeply -
see what it might imply?
Is it airy fairy notions?
Is our hope that “pigs might fly?”


Hope takes us soaring far ahead
to heaven’s wide streets of gold,
to live with Him forever,
His glory to behold.

Yet hope, a present blessing too
from our Father up above,
helps us every day on earth
stay grounded in His love. Text continues…

Illustration from “A Certain Hope”

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Illustration from “Liquidamber”

As I look at the liquidamber tree from my verandah,
a few remaining deep red leaves
are dancing in the breeze.
The outline of the tree is mid grey
against a deep blue sky,
beautiful, on this glorious morning.

The Autumn-Winter season has a beauty of its own.
It may seem as though the tree is losing its glory
as the crimson leaves fall to the ground
leaving branches bare,
but its very frame remains erect and strong
and life is still in evidence
with buds of promise looking to the future.
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A Place Of Rest

Illustration from “A Place Of Rest”

When you’re at the lowest point of all
  and there is no further you can fall,
    the everlasting arms are there
      to catch and hold your every fear.

Be still! Let Him enfold you then
  until your strength can rise again;
    till hope, once more, can fill your breast
      and lift you to a place of rest.


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